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Melody Maker April 26, 1975 BACKSEAT DRIVERGenesis isn’t all funny masks and Peter Gabriel. Behind the effects is a group of fine musicians – and drummer Phil Collins for one is not too happy with the way they’re often overlooked, as he tells Chris Welch It is surprising, but true, that even in this enlightened […]

Michael Bonner September 10, 2015 One evening during the summer of 1998, a group of friends met for dinner in the discreet private dining room of a fashionable London restaurant. The mood was warm and convivial and, by all accounts, the meal went on late into the night. Casually dressed, all in their fifties, you […]

As genial an English rocker as you’re ever likely to meet, Steve Hackett continues fielding interview queries over a bit of late afternoon dinner at New York’s Drake Hotel. The better part of the day has already been spent entertaining a host of journalistic types eager for any new scoop on Hackett’s recent and highly […]

Back when Genesis were first testing the water on this side of the Atlantic, it was their phantasmagorical live show, bolstered by elaborate sets, costumes and Peter Gabriel’s thespian thrills, that established them as one of the most challenging acts in the art-rock category. Similarly, when Gabriel left to go solo, it was the musical […]

From Circus Magazine issue #152, March 31, 1977. by Richard Frisch. They say that only the strong survive, and this assertion certainly applies to the life of Genesis. When the chief frontman of a band departs the aftershock is often shattering, at least threatening. It happened when Rick Wakeman made his departure from Yes, when […]

From Circus Magazine, 1976. by Mick Houghton. Mike Rutherford: “There was no animosity in the split, but people couldn’t resist translating the lyrics to ‘Squonk’ as being about bad feelings between us and Pete.” “The vehicle we had built as a co-op to serve our songwriting became our master and had cooped us up inside […]

THE LAMB..which is a short story that comprises no fewer than 48 different plot movements, and a stage show with 3000 slides paralleling the action, both musical and conceptual. So what’s a fly dude of Spanish extraction got to do with five well-bred, highly educated and frequently esoteric you Englishmen, with a penchant for moody […]

The stark white face lights up real horror show-like as headlights of passing autos focus on the wide bald streak mowed back to the center of his skull before they dart off into the wilds of Queens, eager to leave the nutty bustling city behind for a couple of days of peaceful suburban relaxation courtesy […]

from New Musical Express, October 13, 1973 PETER GABRIEL OF GENESIS TALKS TO BARBARA CHARONE.“People think we ripped off Yes and Alice Cooper – and of course that is what happened.”THE MUSIC world rarely awakens before noon, but I met Peter Gabriel at the unlikely hour of 9.30 a.m. Genesis, having finished their ‘Selling England […]

From Melody Maker, March 3 1973 – pp. 28-29 Words by Chris Welch Genesis are in that exciting time when life seems rosy and prospects are good. After many years of toil, uncertainty and blind faith, their ambitions are being realised and their talent recognised. America beckons, the next album will probably be a smash, […]